Look, Ma! I made an actual Poser freebie binary trading. There's a ghettoriffic little body bag on the Freebies page.


There is now Supernatural/Silent Hill crack crossover fan comic-age on the fanart page.


Updated the Freebies page with a tiny taste of my Icky Horror Brush sets. If you like them, kindly consider financing my Posercrap habit by buying a set or two.


Because Dreamhost is batshit fucking loco in the good way and gave me more space and transfer than any normal human being could ever possibly use, I rescued /usr/bin/w00t from Keenspace and gave it a proper home at http://w00t.chaobell.net.

And while I was at it, I dug up Becky's Doll and hemmed and hawed over it a bit. I'd thought there was going to be more story to it, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it ending where it was, so now it's here too.

Finally, there's a new piece of fanart: a generic Silent Hill nurse.


Happy New Year and stuff!

Finally moved all my old Silent Hill Photoshop brushes onto the Freebies page, along with a brand new free set of doodads.

And if you like my free crap, kindly consider buying a couple of my very best sets at R'osity.


The Silent Hill comic has moved into its new home here at chaobell.net.


The Work In Progress page is up and showing off bits of my reproduction of Room 302.


Fan art is up. There's also some older crap that's going to go in the Junk section, but that will come later.


Some original art is up. More to come.


I found the War Master Fan List Flamewar thing! It's here now.


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