Photoshop Brushes

Made with Photoshop 7 PC, tested on 7 and CS. Not tested on Mac or PS6 and below.

Save to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Brushes or C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7\Presets\Brushes, whichever applies to you.

Sigils [sample]

Chaobell's Icky Horror Brushes Sample Pack [sample] - Includes one brush from each of my Icky Horror brush sets, including the upcoming Vol. 3. Yes, this tiny sample pack of three lousy brushes is 3MB. These things are huge. Two of them are over 1100 px square, the third is over 750. BIG HI-RES BRUSHES. You know you want the whole set.

Doodads [sample] (note: layer styles shown in sample not included. I got them with the Photoshop 7 WOW! Book.)

Silent Hill set 1 [sample]

Silent Hill set 2 [sample]

Silent Hill set 3 [sample]

Silent Hill set 4 [sample]

Silent Hill set 5 [sample]

Silent Hill set 6 [sample]

Silent Hill set 7 [sample]

Silent Hill set 8 [sample]

Silent Hill set 9 [sample]

Silent Hill set 10 [sample]


Body Bag

184KB .zip

For Poser Pro Pack and up. No UV map, no morphs, just a quick and dirty little body bag.


Otherworld Tile

800x800 180dpi .psd

The "Hole" layer can be duplicated, moved, and cut up to create missing and broken tiles.

Old Parquet Floor

1600x1600 72 dpi .jpg

Dirty Checkerboard Linoleum

1600x1600 150 dpi .jpg



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