The Plaque of Doom - A bit of Ultima silliness.

Tears - Big hairy Star Ocean 2 spoilers. Big huge barrels of Dias angst. Old and kind of crummy, but archived here for sentimental value. (Warning: barely-hinted at M/M relationship)

Snow (Star Ocean 2) - A little Christmasy Bowman/Nineh fluff.

O Holy Night - There is absolutely no excuse for this, and I apologize in advance. The South Park version of "O Holy Night," performed by the SO2 cast.

With Mayo (Star Ocean 2) - Bowman/Keith, college-era, smooching and implied smut but nothing explicit. Once you read this, you will understand why I should be dragged out into the street and shot for the title.

Channel Surfing - One possible ending of Silent Hill 2.

Decompression - Silent Hill 4, Escape ending, and what comes after. (warning: not exactly smut, but serious making out)

The Great War Master Fan List Flame War of '49 - Okay, a little background. For a while, I'd had a wild hair up my ass to make a game of my own with RPGMaker or some shit. That game was Penumbra. In the end I decided I'd bitten off way more than I could chew, and the project eventually died. However, I would occasionally dig bits of it out of mothballs and write little bits of plot shit or something. This started out as a bit of scenery in a bit of Penumbra novelization I started and then canned, and for some reason people seem to think it's funny (possibly because it's the fucking truth).

Been Done Solid (Supernatural) - Sam runs off to college, pisses off a family friend, and finds himself on the receiving end of a metaphysical kick in the ass. Not originally intended for public consumption, but, well, I kinda like it. This was something I poked on when the fic I was supposed to be writing wasn't flowing, and it kinda turned into a monster. Warnings: bad words, borderline Mary Sewage, brief and vague description of Sam/Not-Andy-OFC gropage.

Think I'll Go Eat Worms (Supernatural) - In which Dean needs a little help with a job and Andy fucks with his head a lot. Hell, if I put out one piece of Mary Sewage for God and Intarweb to see, I might as well put both of the damn things out. Warnings: bad words, Sue, some grossness mostly related to wee dead beasties that float around in certain kinds of tequila.


These were done on request, as part of a memey thingy that was floating around LiveJournal recently...

Xeno (three Xenogears, one Xenosaga, implied Sig/Hyu, implied Ramsus/...you don't want to know, one malfunctioning KOS-MOS)

Star Ocean 2 (Dias/Ashton cute, implied not-so-friendly Dias/Bowman, Gyoro-and-Ururun antics)

Silent Hill 2 (just plain wrong, silly)

.hack (implied Helba/Balmung, implied Balmung/Kite, both silly)

/usr/bin/w00t (Sarah vs. Asshat, Dude vs. Asshat, Thorne vs. Asshat)

Harry Potter (Draco being an ass)

Ultima (Wrong and goofy)

Penumbra (Meatspace precursor to War Master Fan List flamewar)

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